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Flow Heating and Cooling is committed to providing quality air conditioning systems to commercial and residential areas in Maryland. We offer professional air conditioning services to ensure that your unit’s performance levels are at their peak, especially during the warmer days.

Choosing certified HVAC technicians to install your units guarantees proper air circulation that prevents fire hazards. Properly installed units could also increase the property value of your home. Furthermore, with proper maintenance and regular AC maintenance, your units could last longer.

For cooling services, you can rely on, contact Flow Heating and Cooling. Our air conditioning experts provide installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair services in Maryland and the surrounding areas. Schedule a consultation today!

How Air Conditioning Works: The Science Behind Keeping Your Home Cool

When the weather is hot and sticky, there’s nothing quite like cooling down with a nice breeze or an air conditioner. Air conditioning has become an essential part of our lives, keeping us comfortable and healthier during the warmer seasons, but, how does it work?

An air conditioning system uses cooling coils to lower the temperature of the air in a room. The evaporator coil in an air conditioner absorbs heat from the air in your home. A cooling agent or refrigerant helps to transfer the heat from the inside of your home to the outside air via the condenser coil. This helps to cool the air inside your home and makes it more comfortable for your family.

An air conditioning system uses an evaporator coil to remove heat and humidity indoors by absorbing the warm air through a vent transferring the unwanted heat and humidity outside.

A specialized chemical called “refrigerant” or a cooling agent cools down the warm air from the expansion valve, changes it back into a gas, and moves towards the compressor which regulates the flow preparing it for the condensing process.

The “refrigerant” is turned into a superheated vapor, the compressor will send it to the condenser coil converting the refrigerant from a gas back into a liquid. It will then travel back through the vents and enter the evaporator coil and back into the house, the liquid refrigerant evaporates, and cools the indoor coil.

This cycle continues until your home has reached the desired temperature.

5 Types of Air Conditioners

Central Air Conditioner:

Advisable for large homes with multiple rooms that need cooling. This type of air conditioner uses a split system that regulates air through the ducts installed in your home.

This type of system is a combination of two main units, the outdoor unit where the condenser and compressor are located and the indoor unit consisting of the evaporator coils & air handler.

The use of modern HVAC technology gives a smarter home experience with a cooler, more comfortable, and regulated environment quickly. But, once problems arise with the ducts, units may lose efficiency & effectiveness. It also uses more energy so expect your electric bills to rise.

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners

Best choice for contemporary homes. Ductless mini-split air conditioners consist of outdoor and indoor units connected through a tube where “refrigerant” circulates. The difference is that the indoor units are wall-mounted and equipped with air blowers and can be installed in every room. It is energy efficient but can be expensive budget-wise if you plan to install one unit for every room.

Window Type Air Conditioners

Suitable for small spaces or single rooms. It comes in different sizes but all of its components are enclosed inside the unit. The outdoor side discharges the heat while the indoor side blows cool air into the room.

It’s easy and less costly to install, cheaper to operate, easy to maintain, and doesn’t take too much space. Though it can be noisy when in use and needs to be installed near an electrical outlet.

Some newer models come with a remote but most window-type air conditioners have their controls on the unit. It also has a filter that needs regular cleaning for full AC efficiency.

Portable Air Conditioners

Best for temporary space cooling or if a window or split air conditioner cant be installed.

A free-standing type of air conditioner that can be transferred from room to room. It comes in different sizes and is available in “single-hose” whereas air inside the room is absorbed and then expelled. Or the “dual-hose” where one hose pulls the air outdoors and passes it thru the compressor to cool before releasing cooled air to the other hose.

Floor Mounted Air Conditioners

Best suited for spaces with tilted walls or constructed using fragile materials. Recommended for those who want wall-mounted units but lack the required space.

Floor Mounted Air Conditioners can be installed without major site preparation or any ductwork, you just need to connect the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. Its filters are easily accessible which makes cleaning effortless, and ideal for individuals with respiratory issues.

Floor-mounted systems often face difficulties cooling or heating the room uniformly and efficiently.

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