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Emergency AC Services

Summertime is the perfect time to relax and enjoy the weather. However, when your air conditioning system stops working, it can quickly become a nightmare. If you need emergency AC services, don’t panic, Flow Heating and Cooling is a trusted professional in HVAC systems.

Flow Heating and Cooling offers 24/7 Emergency A/C Repair Service in Maryland. We understand the stress of losing your air conditioning, especially during the warmer season. Our team of air conditioning repair experts makes it their priority to quickly diagnose the problem and find a solution that works for you.

We offer cost-effective solutions for all emergency cooling services, from Emergency A/C repair to replacements, installation, maintenance, and inspections. With highly skilled HVAC technicians with extensive experience working on all A/C brands, we will get your air conditioning unit functioning again. Free Estimates! Give us a Call Now!

Signs that Your AC Unit Needs Immediate Attention and What to Do Temporarily

The smell of burnt wires, pools of liquid gathered below your unit, lumps of ice around your coils, squeaking sounds, and warm air instead of cool air are some of the usual signs of your cooling unit malfunctioning.

Turn off your system immediately. Leaking “refrigerant” and incorrect temperature despite proper control settings could cause health hazards.

DO NOT attempt a DIY solution. It’s tempting, especially during off-hours, but a faulty system could endanger your property and your neighborhood.

Wasting time and money is just a minor side effect of DIY solutions. However, a fire that could damage your system or property is a far more time-consuming and expensive problem.

Call us immediately. Our professional cooling technicians will respond promptly.

How to Prevent Air Conditioning Emergencies

The air filter accumulates dust and debris. When it becomes too clogged, your system will work harder to achieve the optimal temperature, resulting in a lack of cool air and higher energy bills. When your air conditioner works harder, it strains the system, which could shorten the life of your unit.

FLOW recommends that you examine your air filters regularly. Clean and remove dust and debris and if possible, have a professional HVAC technician determine if it’s time to change them.

  • Look for Signs of Refrigerant Leaks

Ice buildup on the exterior pipes, lack of cool air from the vents, and pools of water below your unit are some common signs that your “refrigerant” is leaking.

Do not compromise your indoor air quality. Have a professional HVAC technician properly diagnose the problem.

  • Schedule Regular Maintenance/AC Inspections

Whether you want to book an emergency visit or just want to schedule regular maintenance, prepare a history of HVAC issues you have encountered. Be sure to include the steps taken to resolve the issue. This information helps the technician determine the cause of the problem and perform repairs on time.

Common Causes of A/C Emergency Repair

  • Aging A/C System: Air conditioning units usually last 15 to 25 years, even with regular maintenance. An aging system will still show signs of wear and eventually fail to function. There are instances when repair and maintenance costs are higher than upgrading to a modern system which can be more cost-effective.
  • Overworked Unit: Have you called your cooling technician more frequently than usual? Are you spending more on emergency repairs and parts replacement? Perhaps it’s time for an air conditioner replacement.
  • Lack of A/C Maintenance: Reduce emergency costs, improve system efficiency and prolong the lifespan of your cooling system by scheduling regular maintenance.

Have any questions regarding your cooling systems? Need expert emergency air conditioning repair service in Maryland? Call Flow Heating and Cooling.

We also offer Free Estimates and HVAC Inspections.

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