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Boilers are an excellent way to keep you and your water warm all year. They’re also extremely energy-efficient, with a lifespan of more than 30 years if properly maintained.

If you need boiler repair, installation, or maintenance services, Flow Environmental can help. We have years of expertise in the business and are committed to providing excellent service to our clients. We provide a comprehensive range of services so that we can assist you with any type of boiler repair or new installation. We will keep your boiler running smoothly all year long.

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Boiler Repair

Boilers use steam or hot water to distribute heat throughout the house, with either baseboards or a radiator as the end point for that distribution. If you want your boiler to run smoothly and trouble-free well into the future, it’s important to find a reputable service provider to make it all happen for you.

If you have a boiler that is acting up and not working at full capacity, you will see different signs that indicate there is a problem. Some boiler problems are pretty obvious, while others are more subtle but just as important to catch and address.

When to call Flow Environmental for Boiler Repair:

  • Gurgling and whistling sounds
  • If your boiler looks like it’s been burnt
  • Your system not reaching the temperature that you’ve set on the thermostat
  • Water on the floor near your boiler
  • Rust, Dirt, and particles on top of the boiler; could be triggered by not having enough combustion air
  • Inadequate heating
  • Leaks or dripping
  • The system turns on and off constantly
  • Unexplained increase in fuel usage–that is, you’re using more fuel even though you aren’t using more heat or hot water
  • For gas boilers, a yellow or orange gas flame instead of blue

If we determine that the best course of action is to replace your boiler, we also offer replacements and installation services.

Boiler Replacement

Boilers have a lifespan that is determined by how much they are used. Since wear and tear occur with any boiler, it’s only natural that one would need to replace it after about 30 years. When repairs aren’t an option due to circumstances such as these, boilers can be replaced sooner than expected.

We never suggest that a boiler be replaced unless it’s absolutely essential. When an easy repair or replacement of a single worn component restores normal boiler operation, we don’t push for system replacement. However, if the problem is severe enough to merit replacing the boiler rather than repairing it, this is often the case.

Many homeowners find that replacing a boiler is financially more advantageous even if it isn’t having a particular maintenance issue or isn’t yet at the end of its life. It’s because modern hot water boilers are substantially more energy-efficient than systems made even five or ten years ago.

We’ll be delighted to perform a comprehensive analysis to assist you to evaluate the short-and long-term benefits of replacing your boiler or hot water heater.

What to Consider when thinking about Boiler Replacement:

If you believe that your boiler is due for replacement we’re here to help you through it. Our HVAC professionals will start with:

  • Heat Loss Calculation
  • Measuring Energy Consumption
  • Measuring the heat your home loses through its roof, windows, walls, and doors in order to assess your heating load.
  • Additional Insulation for more efficient heating going forward.

We always start with this calculation rather than just taking sizing information from your current boiler when replacing an existing system. We’ll help you choose the best boiler for your house and get it up and running at full performance.

Our boiler technicians can service many types of boilers. We believe in getting the job done right the first time, and we stand behind our work with unbeatable guarantees.

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Boiler Installation

Boilers are more efficient than older systems, and if yours is more than a decade old, a boiler upgrade may be able to pay for itself in as little as a few winters. This is especially true if your boiler is having maintenance problems, such as internal damage: it’s frequently easier to start fresh with a new boiler rather than trying to get it repaired.

With a comprehensive analysis of the up-front costs of boiler installation and the savings you’ll experience from reduced fuel consumption, our boiler technicians can help you make the right heating decision for your home.

Boiler Maintenance

If left untreated, boiler problems tend to get worse over time. Although boilers are known for their reliability and durability, you shouldn’t ignore proper maintenance. Call in a professional right away if you notice any strange sounds or unusual conditions, such as cold spots or leaks.


  • If your boiler is leaking water, it may cause a loss of water pressure, which might lead to far more serious concerns such as structural damage.
  • If you hear a rumbling noise like a boiling kettle, this might indicate lime scale formation, which can hinder the water flow and make it more difficult for the boiler to function.
  • If the boiler is operational but the structure is not receiving heat, it might be due to a leaky pump, rusted pipes, or an accumulation of air.

Emergency Boiler Repair

We are committed to providing boiler repair service at all times. We can assist you no matter when your boiler needs repairing or how quickly you need it repaired.

Here are three signs you need to call in the professionals quickly.

  • You smell gas
  • The carbon monoxide monitor is going off
  • There is no heat or hot water — especially in winter

Why Choose Flow Environmental's Boiler Services?

  • 24/7 emergency response
  • Superior, high standard training for all technicians
  • Quality maintenance programs
  • Same day service
  • 100% guarantee
  • Financing available on all replacements
  • Leading HVAC company in Maryland!


Boilers are an excellent method to keep your water and you warm all year. Flow Environmental HVAC professionals have been servicing and repairing boilers for years. We offer around-the-clock services in order to keep your home efficiently heated. Call us to make an appointment!

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