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Ductless Heat Pump Installation & Repair Services in Maryland

Heaters are generally on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The continual operation of this type of equipment can lead to some wear and tear. Before we do any work, our professional diagnosis will determine the issue, develop a strategy for resolving it, and walk you through it. Allow our team to repair your heat pump components!

Concerns that may lead to heat pump repair:

  • Outdoor unit lights blinking(error code)
  • Indoor unit lights blinking(error code)
  • The unit is not producing heat

The installation is a crucial step in ensuring that your heat pump achieves its full potential and is placed for optimal efficiency. Each system has distinct requirements for the amount of airflow it needs, the installer will think about things like where your windows are located, the type of ventilation accessible, and how you and your family live inside the air-conditioned area.

FLOW has been installing heat pumps in homes for years in Maryland. Understanding your home’s space is crucial for installing units that will provide the best results. Once we have seen the space that requires heating, we can properly assess what type of units your space will require.

Ductless Heat Pump Maintenance Services in Maryland

A heat pump requires little upkeep, in most cases. At least once every two weeks, clean the system’s air filter. We realize that it’s tempting to forget about it, but if you wait too long, your system will perform in situations where it might not operate properly.

During a regular maintenance service, we will check the components and equipment to ensure that they are clean. If your heat pump units were installed by us, there’s a good chance that your parts and equipment are still covered under warranty. We will inform you if we discover any major problems with your ductless heat pump during a routine maintenance service.

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FLOW offers a variety of ductless heating solutions, including major and minor repairs in Maryland. Find out more about ductless heating systems or make an appointment for services with our qualified heating experts. We have the skills and knowledge to complete any type of repair, installation, or maintenance for your HVAC system. Get a new ductless heating system, repairs, replacements, or maintenance!

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