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Flow 100@ Guarantee

100% Satisfaction, Guaranteed.

Flow Heating & Cooling is a full-service heating and cooling installation company that provides everything from HVAC installation and repair, maintenance, and tune-ups. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is our promise to you, that Flow Heating & Cooling does the job right the first time, every time. When you hire us, our team will go above and beyond  your expectations. You can expect us to arrive at your property on time and ready to work. After your project is completed to you satisfaction, all of our installation services come with a one-year warranty on labor and craftsmanship. 

Looking for HVAC Wicomico County?

Reliable HVAC Wicomico County

Regardless of the age of a home, HVAC systems need regular maintenance. Fortunately, the technicians at Flow Heating and Cooling are available 24/7 to ensure your AC unit, heater, boiler, furnace, pipes, and drains are all in top-notch condition.

Heating Services in Salisbury and Fruitland

Flow Heating and Cooling offers estimates on both energy-efficient heating systems in Salisbury and Fruitland, Maryland. We are licensed and insured, and we provide written guarantees. Additionally, our experienced technicians offer an extensive maintenance plan, leaving you with peace of mind. If you notice signs of rusty water, popping sounds near the water heater, or white particles in the sink, it’s time to contact a professional water heater repair.

We provide oil and gas furnace service and maintenance plans for your HVAC system. For any questions about your residential heating systems in Wicomico County, call us today!

We are a team of experts who will work with you to find the best heating system for your needs. We take pride in following local laws and regulations to install successfully without any problems or headaches on either end.


  • Not turning on
  • Blowing cold air
  • Frequent cycling
  • Water leaks
  • Strange noises
  • Strange smells
  • Poor air quality
  • Rising energy bills
  • Yellow pilot light
  • Suboptimal performance


Air Conditioning Service in Wicomico County

When your air conditioner goes out, it’s not just uncomfortable; it’s embarrassing. Don’t let the hot and humid summer temperatures in Wicomico County sap away your energy. We ensure our customers stay cool with fast service from Flow Heating and Cooling when they need repairs made on any system—even if that means installing new ones, so these problems don’t occur in the future.


  • AC Running Constantly
  • AC Not Turning On
  • No Cool Air Flowing
  • Hot Air Blowing Out
  • Refrigerant or Water Leaking
  • Unit Turning On and Off Repeatedly
  • Strange Smells Coming From System
  • Weird Noises Appear Suddenly

Don’t settle for anything less than fast service from FLOW! We make sure our customers stay cool with quality workmanship and installation that lasts.

24-Hour Cooling Services

Just like our heating services, you can expect a free estimate and a written guarantee. On top of that, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We not only maintain, repair and replace AC units, but our team sells the best brands on the market.

Top HVAC in Wicomico County

We are proud to serve all of our HVAC customers in Wicomico County; Salisbury, and Fruitland.

With a commitment like ours, you can be sure that we will go above and beyond for each one! Call us now at (410) 973-3569.

Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect HVAC solution for your commercial space.